Film compacting granulating line/Shredder integrated recycling machine/PP raffia bag pelletizing line/Plastic recycling machine

Integration for one-step process of PP raffia and hard-to-grind material: Cutting, melting extruding, granulating  PP raffia, woven, non woven, FIBC/jumbo bags. Blown and cast film star-up lumps, film scraps.

Products Details

■ Feeding: Belt conveyor runs or not depends on the electric Currency of Film Compactor/Agglomerator. The Belt conveyor will stop conveying while the electric current of Film compactor/ agglomerator is over the set value. ■ Temperatur of Film Compactor/Agglomerator: The temperature generated by the friction of the material must ensure that the material is heated, curled, contracted, and enters the extruder smoothly, and has a certain bearing on the rotation speed of the compactor motor ■ Screw extruder speed can be adjustable ( According to the cituation of fed material) ■ Pelletizing speed can be adjustable (According to the material output and size)>> Film compactor/Agglomerator will cut film and compact the film by High speed friction >> The Film compaction/ agglomerator is designed with observation window to facilitate customers to open,clean and change the blades >> After the material enters the compactor, it is crushed and compacted, and the high-speed rotating compactor throws the material into the single-screw extruder along the flow path. A higher temperature can be created in the compactor, compacting the plastic into the pellets and>>Water-ring pelletizer, pelletizing speed is controlled by inverter,including hot cutting die, diverter cone, water-ring cover,knife holder,knife disc,knife bar etc >>Non-stop hydraulic screen changer, there is a pressure sensor on the die head to prompt screen change, no need to stop for screen change, and fast screen changeOne step technology for PP raffia, woven and PE/PP Film waste The film recycling granulator designed by LIANDA MACHINERY adopts the production mode of crushing, hot-melt extrusion, pelletizing and drying, which solves the problem: ■ The risk of manual feeding ■ Forced feeding capacity is small ■ The manual consumption of the split operation of crushing and extrusion is large ■ The particle size of the strands is not uniform, and the strands are easily broken The film granulation equipment adopts the method of compaction&crushing. After the material is fed to the compactor, it will be crushed by the bottom cutter head, and the friction generated by the high-speed cutting of the cutter head generates heat, so that the material is heated and shrunk to increase the bulk density of the material and increase the feeding amount. This process method has a great help to increase production capacity>> The pellets will be cut directly on the water-ring die head, and pellets will be fed to the Vertical dewatering machine after water cooled, the problem of strands breakage will not occur;

Machine Name

Film compacting granulating line

Final Product

Plastic Pellets/granule

Production line Components

Conveyor belt, cutter compactor barrel, extruder, pelletizing unit, water cooling unit, drying unit, silo tank

Application Material



Conveyor belt (Standard), Nip roll feeder (Optional)

Screw diameter


Screw L/D

30/1; 32/1;34/1;36/1

Output range


Screw material



Single or double vented degassing, Unvented for non-printed film (customized)

Two stage type (mother-baby extruder) for even better degassing

Cutting type

Water ring die face cutting or strand die

Screen changer

Double work position hydraulic screen changer non stop or customized

Cooling type


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